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PostSubject: [ ^No-PaNiC^ ] - Clan Page   Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:37 am

[ ^No-PaNiC^ ]

^No-PaNiC^ Clan Thread by black_eagle* and PiSKoPaT

Welcome In ^No-PaNiC^ Clan

~. No-PaNiC Application Form

^No-PaNiC^ Clan Rules :

Play Fair
Respect all players
English only
No Cheat's, Mods, or HacksBe active in game and in forum if you go inactive please warn us to know
No glitching to gain an advantage over another player
No Spamming
Don't Flame/Insult players
No Advertising
No Racisim

No-PaNiC Clan Application Form :

Name :
Nickname :
Age :
Nationality :
Where do you live :
Were you in a Clan before here in No-PaNiC:
Steam Acc :
How long u play Counter Strike :
How long u play in Red*Zone Server :
Have you read and will follow the rules? :
You have msn? (say it) :Why do you want to join in this clan? :

NOTE: Please Fill Up The Form Properly.


Clan Admins :

~~~ black_eagle*

Clan Official Members :

Clan Lord(s) :

No-PaNiC - black_eagle*
No-PaNiC - PiSKoPaT

Clan Leader(s) :

No-PaNiC - R u N G u E_|uK]'

Clan General(s) :

No-PaNiC - Kayrin<3
No-PaNiC - No0ne

Clan Manager(s) :

No-PaNiC - P@c0

Clan Co-Leader(s) :


Clan Members :

No-PaNiC - VeN DettA^
No-PaNiC - sRoco
No-PaNiC - Quesin
No-PaNiC - p1nx
No-PaNiC - SnOp
No-PaNiC - Rambo
No-PaNiC - BubbleGum
No-PaNiC - `DaSka[L]0S^

Clan Trial Members:(Trial Tag = No-PaNiC [T] - Nickname)

No-PaNiC [T] - Lokii.


Duties by rank:

Lords : They can do anything concerning the clan: recruiting members, kick members, promoting and downgrading members, accepting and denying and organizing clan wars. With one word anything.

Leaders: They can recruit members, accept, denying(first talk with clan lords) and organize clan wars, and promote members not higher than the Leader position. But they need to consult the founders before kicking or promoting a member. In one word anything since they have the founders approval and trust.

Generals: They can organize clan wars and can also recruit Full members and kicked players,but they need to consult the Leaders.

Managers: They can organize clan wars etc.

Co-Leaders: They can organize clan wars and can also recruit trial members.

Members: They´re the base of the clan. They’re the one’s that give their skills for the clan. They’re very important and they are always welcome to say their opinion, and ideas to anyone.

Those are the duties of all clan members. It is very important for each one of us to know what we can or cannot do in order to avoid any misunderstandings between us. Everyone no matter the rank is free to say his opinion and his ideas.

Know this: each one of us can and should contribute by ideas and suggestions to make our clan the best.


Inactive Member(s):

No-PaNiC - *ChikKO*
No-PaNiC - PuNiShErR(Y.R.E)

Player's Kicked&Banned Out Of CLAN :

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[ ^No-PaNiC^ ] - Clan Page
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